Saturday, November 27, 2010

I know it's been a while. My last update was the day before Frankie's birthday in May. Wow.

Not much has happened with us other than moving back to our home in June. For those of you who are still reading and hadn't known, we had to move out and rent the house for a few years just to make ends meet.

Frankie is doing well. And as of this week, he's no longer on any "transplant" related medication. In fact, he's not taking any regular medications other than vitamins. However, he does have a nasty cold, so the occasional dose of Benadryl or Tylenol has been necessary.

School for Frankie is absolutely wonderful! They are fabulous with him, and he really loves his teacher (Judy) and his para (Marci). I'm really looking forward to their Holiday Fair this Friday (12/3). We went last year for the first time and went totally unprepared. There are raffles, food, gifts, games... lots of stuff for the kids and families to enjoy.

So, my mom headed off to England for her standard visit from Thanksgiving to right before Christmas. So, part of this update is for her, so she won't have to answer to any of her friends over "the pond" about how Frankie is doing! :)

I am seriously thinking about setting up a FaceBook account for Frankie very soon... It's so easy to upload photos and write updates on him. Plus, it's free... and, well, while I love the control of having my own website for him, FB can do the same. The only problem is that in order to read his updates, you will have to become his "friend"... so it does limit those of you who do not have FB or don't intend to... Thus, I feel I may have to continue to do both.

As for me and Frank, we are doing well. Frank has been really working hard both at work and his second "job"... I put that in quotes because he doesn't feel like it's a job because he loves it so much. He's a coach at a local gym. He's gotten into incredible shape and is constantly trying to get me to follow. Time is my only obstacle.

Okay... well, it's the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so perhaps I should go and get some shopping done for the Christmas holidays...

Take care! And, look for Frankie on FB soon!!


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